This project will be completed by a group of academic researchers, technologists, and library and museum practitioners who all share the passion that effective use of Knowledge Organization Systems will have significant impact on user’s experience with library and museum systems.

Dr. Xia Lin is Professor at Drexel University. His research and teaching has focused on digital libraries, information organization, and information visualization, especially dynamic displays of concept relationships. He has implemented several prototypes and published extensively in these areas and has good experience in managing funded research projects.
Dr. Dagobert Soergel is Professor and Chair, Department of Library and Information Studies, Graduate School of Education, University at Buffalo. He has been working in the area of classification (taxonomy, ontologies) and thesauri, both practically and theoretically, for over 40 years and published more than 100 papers and presentations in this area.
Dr. Murtha Baca is Head of Digital Art History Access at the Getty Research Institute. She has a major role in the development of the Getty vocabularies and has published extensively on data standards and controlled vocabularies for indexing and accessing cultural heritage information, especially with a view to providing end- user access to images and related data on line.
Dr. William Ying is the Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Technology for ARTstor. He is responsible for the effective deployment of hardware, databases, and software (both licensed and developed in- house) to maximize the quality of services delivered to the ARTstor user community.

The following senior key personnel will also be significantly involved in this project:
Dr. Weimao Ke, Assistant Professor at Drexel iSchool, whose research interest is centered around information retrieval and intelligent systems that support interaction of people and information, will participate in the design and implementation of the MCD application framework, particularly the vocabulary databases, terminology mapping, and terminology services.
Dr. Danuta A. Nitecki, Dean of Drexel Libraries and Professor at Drexel iSchool, who has extensive experience in studying library users, metrics, and service models, will oversee the study on the impact of MCD-based concept map creation for teaching and learning. She has identified several library staff and faculty members to help design and implement the Study 3.
Robert Stein, Deputy Director for Research, Technology, and Engagement at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, will bring significant experience he developed through the steve Museum project.

Additionally, the following personnel are assisting with research, design, and development.
Michael Zarro, Ph.D. student at Drexel University, who has significant experience as an Information Architect.