Mobile Digital Library in The National Library of Norway

Høivik, J. (2011). Mobile Digital Library in The National Library of Norway. Library Hi Tech News, 28(2), 1–8. doi:10.1108/07419051111135218
“The purpose of the work that I report on here is to investigate and improve access to digital assets at the Norwegian National Library based on one particular requirement: It should be achieved using a mobile phone.”
All textual materials must be deposited in the National Library, this includes “manuscripts, books, music, radio and TV programmes, film, theatre, maps, posters, pictures, photographs, internet documents and newspapers.” These materials are being digitized.
The Library created an Android App to develop and test for mobile use.
Browser based (left) and mobile (right) digital library site.
Backend of mobile uses SQL lite to store images and other media on the user’s device for use offline.
User interface:
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