ThManager: An open source tool for creating and visualizing SKOS

Lacasta, J., Nogueras-Iso, J., Lopez-Pellicer, F. J., Muro-Medrano, P. R., & Zarazaga-Soria, F. J. (2007). ThManager: An open source tool for creating and visualizing SKOS. Information Technology and Libraries, 26(3), 39-50.

In this paper, the authors presented the design and development of an open source thesaurus management system ThManager. They first reviewed the state of art in thesaurus tools, criticizing existing tools for incompatibility in supported thesaurus interchange format, as parts of bigger systems, not easy to be reused or integrated to other information management tools. Based on the recent efforts in thesaurus standardization, they propose SKOS as the most adequate representation model to store thesaurus.

System Architecture

Three layered structure: thesauruses are stored in concept repository, and their metadata description in Metadata repository.

Persistence model

Thesauruses are modeled with SKOS and then stored in binary format transformed with Jena API.

Thesaurus Interrelation

There is interrelation function that relates a thesaurus to an upper-level lexical database using a heuristic voting algorithm.

Graphics depicting the GUI are presented and performance testing and discussion are at the end of the article.

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