User Requirements Analysis on Ontology Visualization

Kriglstein, S. (2009). User Requirements Analysis on Ontology Visualization. In International Conference on Complex, Intelligent and Software Intensive Systems, 2009. CISIS ’09. (pp. 694-699). doi:10.1109/CISIS.2009.37

This short paper reports a survey which investigates people’s expectation of and basic attitude towards ontology visualization, and what tools they use for it. The survey was administered to 16 interviewees, consisting of 8 experts and 8 semi-experts, using face to face interview and online survey. The survey is a mixture of open-ended, multiple-choice and combined question, covering user’s background (3 questions), attitude (1), tools (4) and expectations (8) topics. The result shows that all participants affirm the usefulness of ontology visualization because of the understandability, overview-detail and structure/relationship representations it provides. Most popular tools for ontology visualizations are Protégé plugins. The general expectations for ontology visualization from the participants include: (1) overview-detail views; (2) browsing and updating; (3) easy to lean and understand; (4) structure/relationship views; (5) performance; (6) search function.

As most ontology visualization related work focuses on the system and application side, this paper brings some fresh air through a qualitative study on people’s perception and expectation of ontology visualization. However, the study is too general to be an adequate “user requirements analysis”. It is most suitable as guidance for us to do ontology visualization.

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