Hello, All!

Welcome!   This is a discussion space for the project “Exploring Common Tools for Meaningful Concept Displays (MCD) to Support Semantic Indexing, Searching, and Learning across Libraries, Museums, and Archives,”  an IMLS funded research project.

The goal of the project is to explore the potential of MCD and develop a research agenda that will eventually lead to practical applications of MCD in libraries, museums, and archives.  We envision that a Web-based and easy-to-use visual interface can be developed to support user’s navigation and understanding of complex knowledge spaces.   The interface will visualize hierarchical, associative, and semantic relationships among terms, concepts and documents or other information objects.  It will map user’s questions and problems to the knowledge spaces to allow users make sense of information found.   It will bridge national knowledge organization systems (KOS) terminology services with local applications of libraries, museums, and archives.

This is the space for us to engage this new adventure collaboratively.  We will start with posting of relevant papers, systems, projects, and links.  Your ideas, comments, opinions, and suggestions are particularly welcome.

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